A multiplayer spaceship battle with physics driven action, custom ships, and instant sharing: in your browser.
Free to play in Chrome or Firefox

Build your ship... take on the galaxy!

Welcome to a fast-paced, multiplayer spaceship battle. Play for free right now in your browser.

Play in your browser. Right now.

There are no downloads and no special plug-ins. Simply head to the game in Chrome or Firefox and start playing. Your time is precious, we don't want you to wait. Open web technology makes this possible.

Real-time physics. Real-time destruction.

Pilot a ship where every fire of your thruster matters. Blast through opponents and watch their scrap scatter, or get blasted and fight to keep your ship under control.

Build your own custom spaceship.

The spaceship editor provides an ever growing variety of building blocks, so players can create ships that run the gamut from graceful and deadly to awkward and hilarious.

Sharing is caring.
And instant.

Each battle arena has a unique link. Every ship you make does, too. Copy and share those links however you like: Twitter, Facebook, instant message, email... Once your friend clicks, the battle is on.

Active development. Alpha and beyond.

The game is currently in the alpha stage. This means there are features still being developed alongside some nasty game-breaking bugs. But we are working every day to make the game better, and we deeply care about input from you.

Support independent game development.

Working from the heart of Boston, Gradient Studios is a team of 4 like minds who love to push the boundaries of open web technology. We love games and we love the web, and nothing makes us happier than to bring you something fresh in your browser.

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"I enjoyed playing during demo night, and I love the evolution the game has taken over the past year."

Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games

"I went home and played for hours! I can't wait to see the final product #BostonFIG"

Isabella Loskutoff, @Issy_Writes

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Free to play in Chrome or Firefox
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